Core Cutters

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Our production line also includes core cutters. The cutters have a Weldon shaft Ø 19mm and match witch all common metall and magnetic drilling maschines such as Alfra, Metabo, Hilti, BDS etc. Our tools are used around the world in the field of bridge, steel and rail projects as well as in pipeline construction. Long standing partners are Alfra, BDS, Milwaukee etc.

Our stock contains masurements of Ø 12mm up to Ø 60mm in the cutting dephts 25 & 50mm. Material and coatings can be cut to certain customers requirements.

Special measurements such as inches or differing cutting dephts can be delivered upon enquiry. Our customers' request, further high quality cutting tools can be made to order, such as srew taps, thread milling cutters, end and bore milling cutters, reamers and core drills as well as thread chasers and circular turning chisels.