Cold-forming Tools


Thanks to our extensive experience of cold-forming tools, you will always get perfect results, even working with the very toughest materials. We would be happy to discuss your individual requirements.

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Thread Rolls - Knurl Rolls - Profile Rolls

For all current thread profiles and special profiles. For infeed and through-feed processes.
Available for a variety of different die heads.
  • gewinderollen
  • gewinderollen1
  • gewinderollen3
  • sk3490

Flat Dies - Shear Dies - Form Rolling Dies

For all current systems and formable threads and profile shapes.
Special production to customer specifications.
  • walzbacken
  • walzbacken1
  • walzbacken2
  • walzbacken3
  • walzbacken4

Cold-forming Racks - Incremental and Impact Rolls

For manufacturing splined and serrated profiles and profiles with oil grooves.
  • walzstangen
  • walzstangen1

Planetary Dies

For cold-forming of all formable threads and special profiles for all current machine sizes.
  • segmentwalzwerkzeuge
  • segmentwalzwerkzeuge1
  • segmentwalzwerkzeuge2
  • segmentwalzwerkzeuge3
  • sk3460